Processing of personal data

Pursuant to and by the effect of Article 13 of the European Regulation 2016/679 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION – GDPR).

SC PESTOS S.R.L is a personal data operator registered with the General Register of the National Agency for the Supervision of Personal Data under no. 21498.

The personal data that can be saved in the database of SC PESTOS SRL are:

  • first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number and address (required for issuing the invoice, tracking number) etc;
  • passwords, clues for passwords and similar security information used for authentication and for accessing the online account. All passwords are encrypted and cannot be viewed;
  • data on the device used to access the website and how it interacts with the listed products or various pages on the site, exclusively for offering a pleasant and personalized experience to each user;
  • data about the operating system, regional settings, language and IP settings (necessary for a pleasant shopping experience and to protect the system against any type of fraud).

The personal data are stored in the European Economic Area and can be transferred outside this space only in compliance with the legislation. Your data is stored for a period of time necessary to achieve the goals, but no longer than 5 years, and in the case of issuing the invoice, and 10 years, according to the legislation in force.

We do NOT transmit, sell or alienate your personal data to other companies. The cases in which your personal data are used by IL PASSO partners are exclusively for our services.

Personal information may be disclosed only to the Police, Courts or authorized state bodies when there is an express request from them and the law requires it.

Users can unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter when they no longer wish to process personal data:

  • by checking the "Unsubscribe" option from any newsletter received
  • by sending an email to, and express the request for unsubscribing.

The purposes of the processing data are the following:

  • information about the order placed on the online store
  • information about IL PASSO products and promotions or about any other promotions or activities carried out by PESTOS SRL;
  • conducting opinion polls on the quality of products / services.

Data collect is done through various modalities and specific tools such as:

  • the management application of our newsletter present in the online store
  • checking the subscription option to the newsletter in the shopping cart;
  • saving in the database as a result of the users' participation in the loyalty program or various contests organized by PESTOS SRL or its partners;
  • the registration form for the loyalty program in the IL PASSO stores.

Note: Opting for the subscription to the IL PASSO newsletter implies the acceptance of the USERS that their personal data will be stored and processed by the SC PESTOS SRL Company. 

SC PESTOS S.R.L. it is obliged that the personal data should not be disclosed to third parties, except for the partners of marketing services and other services, agreed by IL PASSO with which there are contracts for this purpose and which obliges them to protect the data.

Also, PESTOS SRL can provide the personal data of the users to the partners following a confidentiality commitment from them, which guarantees that these data are stored safely and that the provision of this data is made in safe conditions according to the legislation in force: courier services, marketing services, payment / banking services or other services.

The personal data of the users can also be provided to the General Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the Courts or the competent state institutions based on and within the limits of the legal provisions and as a result of some expressly formulated requests. 

SC PESTOS SRL will periodically inform its subscribers by newsletter about the promotional products and offers running. Also using the newsletter SC PESTOS SRL can send other information messages, questionnaires or gift vouchers.

Contact us

In case the users want to modify their personal data, they can request it by sending an email to the address providing the modified data, or using the update link data from any newsletter received.

Your Legal Rights

  • to be informed about how your personal data is being used (according to the information on this page)
  •  the right to have access to the information we hold
  • the right to correct personal data (send your inquiries at
  • the right to request deleting your personal data
  • the right to unsubscribe to the newsletter, text messages or various forms of communication
  • the right to move (portability) your personal data to another service
  • the right to lodge a complaint with the authorities empowered for the protection of personal data

Changes that may occur while processing your personal data

The present information on this page can be changed and updated periodically to provide transparency with the process of processing personal data.

If important changes are implemented, we will notify you as soon as their effect begins. We recommend checking this section periodically

Mobile App

View below the purposes for the asked requests by IL PASSO mobile application:

 1. Notifications

The IL PASSO mobile app needs the user's consent in order to send information about offers and updates.

 2. Location

Access to location is only used in order to redirect yourself to the closest Il Passo Retail store.

 3. Camera

In order to use the "REDUCE CODE SCAN" function in the IL PASSO mobile application the user must provide access for the device. The access to the camera is strictly used for scanning the QR code in order to provide information about products. There is no access to the photo gallery and nothing is saved from or in the user's device.